Are "good jobs" in Barbados that hard to come by?
Posted Sunday, March 14, 2010 by Administrator

Is the local job market in Barbados dwindling? Are our tertiary level graduates experiencing difficulty finding jobs? These are some of the question I would like to know the answers too. Given these tough economic times in our country, are Barbadians really having difficulty finding good jobs?

Firstly we need a description of a “good job”. Well in my opinion a “good job” is one that allows an individual based on their experiences, skill set and ability, to grasp and apply knowledge gained to generate adequate income for meeting and surpassing the basic necessities of life.

Having been awarded the opportunity to blend with several University graduates, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that not all are finding “good jobs” available in Barbados.

What about our technically skilled labor force? Are persons still being able to make end meet?

What do you think? Free to share your opinion Theeth smiley.

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