Social Media and Your Barbadian Business
Posted Friday, March 19, 2010 by Administrator

I am sure by now most Barbadians if not all have heard of FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER. These are all examples of social media which is becoming, if it’s not already our most dominant form of communication on the web.

You may be asking yourself what do these have to do with my business. In today’s fast pace business environment we need to be always exploring new and creative ways of reach our customers, and social media is now becoming a must in 2010. For example, FACEBOOK has well over 250 million members, yes that is correct!

The reach of social media is massive and chances are your competitors are already doing it or considering the option.

One thing to remember is that social media marketing is not a guaranteed success for your business but should be incorporated with traditional marketing approaches to completely connect your brand with your customers.

Have you been using any form of social media in your business? How has it been working for you?

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